Welcome to the Democratic Party of Oregon Gun Owners Caucus

Democrats don't want your guns--we've already got our own.

Support for civil rights and economic justice is the bedrock of the Democratic Party. The Gun Owners Caucus (GOC-DPO) believes that gun ownership is the critical civil right which preserves the rest of our American freedoms. We enjoy the benefits of living in a free and armed society and work to live up to the responsibilities that requires.

In 2005, the DPO passed a resolution (RES 2005-008) stating that "the right to keep and bear arms [is] an individual right not granted by the government, but rather guaranteed by the government." That means the right is inalienable. The GOC-DPO aims to expand the promise of the Democratic Party of Oregon by widening the party's base by advertising, promoting, and defending its pro-Second Amendment platform and policies, and reaching out to all liberals who support the Constitution and its clear language.