What we do

Through our efforts, statements, members, and activities the Gun Owners Caucus:

  • Supports elected Democrats and Democratic nominees for office; volunteers on behalf of Democratic candidates
  • Publicizes the Democratic Party's long-standing support of all Constitutional guarantees, including the Second Amendment
  • Represents the political interests and views of gun-owning Democrats in the State of Oregon
  • Protects Gun Owners' rights by promoting a pro-Second Amendment legislative agenda
  • Acts as a forum to educate elected officials and the general public on matters affecting gun owners in Oregon
  • Persuades and helps party leaders to accurately reflect the pro-Second Amendment attitudes of the Oregon Democrats they represent
  • Provides opportunities for supporters of gun owners' rights to seek political appointments or elected office
  • Creates a Democratic voice for the promotion of firearms education and responsibility, hunter safety, and enforcement of existing gun laws within the state
  • Helps strengthen the DPO's grassroots appeal by reaching out to Democrats or would-be Democrats with strong pro-Second Amendment philosophies